Twinwire Impact Machine with 1000kg Base

P/N: 1000_01_TWA02 (type: 1000kg base)

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This model of twinwire guided machine measures the force distribution on padded body protection which complies with EN 13158, EN 13277, EN 13594, EN 14021, EN 14120, EN 14404, EN 1621-1, EN 1621-2 and other standards.


Full motorized system and self supported

  1. Soft release system / Drop carriage
  2. Flying arm impactor
  3. Quick and easily interchangeable anvils
  4. Velocimeter (timegate) for speed reading
  5. Remote control: can set the height, and speed, initiate the test, activate
    preprogrammed settings and emergency stop.

Hover over the numbers in the picture and have a tooltip with a description.

Dimensions (Approx.):

  • Length of the base: 119.38 cm / 47 in
  • Width of the base: 90.17 cm / 35.5 in
  • Height: 693.42 cm / 273 in (other heights are available upon request)
  • Base weight: 1000 kg


  • Force distribution evaluation
  • Uniaxial impact attenuation testing (with additional accessories)
  • Penetration testing (With additional accessories)
Protective cage available on demand
Protective cage available on demand
Interchangeable penetrator accessory
Interchangeable penetrator accessory

Top view

Bottom view

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