Cadex sport projectile shooter

P/N: 1000_05_PSM01

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The Cadex sport projectile shooter is designed to shoot large objects such as hockey pucks, baseball/softball balls and squash/racket balls as well as other custom applications. Complies with CSA, NOCSAE and other testing standards.


  1. Touchscreen controller which fires the system, controls tank pressure and controls table’s motorization
  2. Interchangeable shooting barrel
  3. Compressed air reserve tank
  4. Motorization control box
  5. Emergency stop button
  6. Motorized holding table
  7. Full opening doors on each side

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  • Shoots hockey pucks up to 150 mph
  • Connection for triaxial accelerometer and sensors (NOCSAE application)
  • Uses a regular compressed air source
  • Shooting barrels available: hockey, baseball, softball, lacrosse, cricket, tennis, squash and racquetball

Dimensions (Approx.):

  • Length: 208.28 cm / 82 in
  • Width: 85.09 cm / 33.5 in
  • Height: 197.18 cm / 77.63 in

*Model may differ from the picture

Touchscreen controller technology
Touchscreen controller technology
Motorized holding table
Motorized holding table

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