Twinwire Impact Machine

P/N: 1000_01_TWM01 (type: uniaxial setup)

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This model of twinwire guided impact machine is used for impact attenuation evaluation which complies with BSI, SNELL, CPSC, ASTM, AS/NZS, JIS and others standards. The Cadex twinwire can be adapted for uniaxial, triaxial and/or rotational type of testing.


Full motorized system and self supported

  1. Remote control: sets the height and speed, initiates the test, activates pre-programmed settings and includes the emergency stop
  2. Soft release system / Drop carriage
  3. Flying arm impactor
  4. Velocimeter (timegate) for speed reading
  5. Quick and easy interchangeable anvils

Hover over the numbers in the picture and have a tooltip with a description.

Dimensions (Approx.):

  • Length of the base: 97.79 cm / 38.5 in
  • Width of the base: 31.75 cm / 12.5 in
  • Height: 544.19 cm / 214.25 in (other heights are available upon request)


  • Uniaxial impact attenuation testing
  • Penetration testing (with additional accessories)

Top view

Bottom view

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