Linear impact testing machine

P/N: 1000_01_LIT001

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Rugged system for linear impact testing on football helmets, boxer face guards and other applications.


  • Touchscreen controller which adjusts the tank pressure,
    reads velocity and fires the system
  • Strong steel structure
  • Compressed air tank
  • Accelerating range: 12 inches
  • “Free flight” range: 6 inches
  • Hydraulic break system after impact
  • Impact velocity: 1.5 to 12 m/sec
  • Interchangeable impacting end pieces

Dimensions (Approx.):

  • Length: 422.28 cm / 166.25 in
  • Width: 106.68 cm / 42 in
  • Height: 193.04 cm / 76 in


  • NOCSAE football testing
  • BOXER’S face protector
  • The system can be used as a baseball & hockey puck shooter using additional accessories (P/N: 1000_01_LIT002)

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