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In uniaxial testing, the sum of all falling accessories defines your total drop mass. If you use a combination of light accessories (For example light ball arm, a light clamp and a small headform size), you will obtain a low drop mass. On the other hand, a combination of heavier accessories will give you a heavier drop mass.

To help you achieve variable mass requirements, Cadex has a wide range of accessories available in variable mass:

  • Magnesium ball arm (low mass)
  • Aluminum Ball Arm (regular mass)
  • Steel ball arm (heavy mass)
  • Clamps (180 grs up to 1200 grs)

As an example, we have built a data table to better help you calculate your drop mass:

Headform size A E J M O
grams grams grams grams grams
Headform weight 1625 2026 2544 2913 3210
Split Ring Clamp 180 609 609 1100 468
4 Bolts for clamp 82 82 82 82 82
Falling carriage 800 800 800 800 800
Penetration frame
Accelerometer Kit 10 10 10 10 10
Ball Arm (Magnesium) 440
Ball Arm (Aluminum) 615 615 615
Ball Arm (Steel) 1562
Total Drop Mass Assembly 3137 4142 4660 5520 6132
(Mass Standards request ) 3100 4100 4700 5600 6100
(Mass tolerances) (+100 gr) (+120 gr) (+140 gr) (+160 gr) (+180 gr)
(-100 gr) (-120 gr) (-140 gr) (-160 gr) (-180 gr)

In uniaxial testing, the exclusive concept of the Cadex clamp, helps the technician reduce testing time. You no longer have to remove the ball arm and accelerometer when you change the testing setup.

Yes, the latest version of the Cadex ‘monorail impact machine’ can be used for both uniaxial and triaxial testing procedures. By simply adding a few accessories to the monorail, using the same acquisition system, you now have two testing machines in one. Once installed, you simply interchange the accessories to switch between testing methods. Please, ask our sales representative to discuss this upgraded capability of our ‘monorail testing machine’ with you in greater detail.

We have developed a unique quick-release system which provides quick and solid anvil anchorage properties to your testing machines. With one simple operation, you are ready to go, saving lots of time.

The quick-release system is incorporated into our anvils, MEP Pad mounting plates, penetration headforms, and other testing accessories.