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Who we are

CADEX, a privately-held company in business since 1994, is the world leader in the research, development, and manufacturing of “Turn-Key” impact systems and testing laboratories. Our Testing Division’s R&D in combination with our Metrology & QA Departments consistently provides our Engineering, Electronic, and Production Departments with unmatched levels of support and technology when it comes to the understanding of complex designs, material harmonics, and impacts on the human body.

The CADEX team consists of experienced management, skilled and meticulous engineers, technicians, CNC machinists, armorers, and support staff who strive to achieve a level of excellence equal and superior to that of any custom shop. With close to 100 employees and a state-of-the-art facility spanning 60,000+ sqft, CADEX remains committed to excellence and supporting customers worldwide with first-class products and exceptional customer service.

What we do

Metrology & Calibration service

All Cadex testing equipment are:

  • Supplied with calibration certificates;
  • Calibrated following strict calibration protocols;
  • Calibrated by qualified engineers & technicians;
  • Calibrated using validated measuring instrument;
  • Traceable to primary measuring instruments throughout the calibration chain.

Calibration services apply to :

  • Acquisition system (amplification and filtering couplers)
  • Velocimeter (timegate) for impact machine application
  • Velocimeter (double timegates) for cannon application
  • All accessories have to meet geometric requirements
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Cadex Timeline

Cadex facility

Established in 1994, Cadex has, in short order, situated itself as a forerunner in the innovation related to the manufacturing of testing equipment.

Located in the province of Quebec, Canada, our production team, our R&D department and our sales department answer rapidly and effectively in order to maintain our reputation in this industry.

Cadex facility

Cadex has established its military division. An investment in additional manufacturing equipment in order to support our sales increase. Major investment in a new factory of 35000 square feet with a land capacity of 300000 square feet.

Cadex CNC

Invested in additional manufacturing equipment to support our new factory and provide new internal capability.

Cadex facility

Investment on a 20000 square foot factory extension for a new total of 55000 square foot to fulfill our increase of order and production capacity. A major investment of $2M in equipment to double sales production capacity. Over the last few years, Cadex has expanded its sales and production capacity at a rate of over 30% per year.

Other Cadex divisions

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