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Calibration Equipment

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calibration Calibration is necessary to verify that the impact test is reporting the correct data.

MEP (Modular Elastomer Programmer) Pad: Is a pad used as the impact surface for conducting calibration tests.
There are many heights available for this product depending on the standard you will be testing.

pad 1/8 inch
MEP pad with a height of 1/8 inch.
pad 1/2 inch
MEP pad with a height of 1/2 inch.
pad 1 inch
MEP pad with a height of 1 inch.
pad 3 inches
MEP pad with a height of 3 inches.

Important : To keep your MEP pad intact, it's important to wash it with a soft soap and water.

The MEP support plate Anvil holds the MEP pad in place on the machine during the impact test.

The support plate has been designed to accommodate two models of MEP pads used in the industry.

The support plate also has an additional hole to connect the ISEA Size 7 headform on a load cell system.

The plate is constructed of aerospace aluminum.

quick release
We have developed a unique quick release system which provides quick and solid anvil anchorage properties to your testing machines. With one simple operation you are ready to go, saving lots of time. The quick release system is incorporated into our anvils, MEP Pad mounting plates, penetration headforms, and other testing accessories.

This steel plated spherical impactor has a radius of 73mm. Impacting this item with an MEP pad will perform a Uniaxial System Check procedure as per ASTM, Snell, CPSC, ANSI, DOT, CSA and other standards.

Spherical impactor
twin wire application monorail application
Spherical Impactor Twin Wire application Monorail application

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