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Roll-Off BSI

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Roll-OffBSI For testing chin strap effectiveness.  This test simulates a helmet rolling forward on a motorcycle rider’s head, when the rider stops suddenly.  Meets BSI 6658, Indonesia and other standards requirements.

Roll Off BSI title
Roll Off BSI Roll Off BSI

  • Manual drop mass release system;
  • Side ruler reference with adjustable zero in order to provide accurate drop height;
  • Adjustable drop height with capability to drop from more than 100 cm;
  • Drop mass connected to the helmet by a hook, attached to a non-extensible nylon strap;
  • Falling mass of 4Kg;
  • Headform covered with wig included

  • Width : 104.1 cm (41 inches)
  • Height : 198.1 cm (78 inches)
  • Depth :  55.9 cm (22 inches)
  • Weight : 72.57 kg (160 lbs)

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