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Horizontale Impact Attenuation Rail System

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Roll-OffBSI The Cadex Horizontal Impact Attenuation Rail System is designed to offer low friction resistance during impact testing.  To be used to perform the ballistic impact attenuation test according to NIJ 0106.01 standard, and 1292 Home playground equipment  (swing sets) and other. 

Horizontal impact attenuation rail system

swing set testing application ballistic impact attenuation test
On Left:Shown during swing set testing application. On right:Shown during ballistic impact attenuation test. 

  • Low friction system;
  • Headform assembly size 7 ¼ calibrated to 5kg;
  • Integrated level;
  • Rear end shock absorber.
  • Triple rail system for better stability.

  • Width :    12.5 cm (5 inches);
  • Length :  140 cm (55 inches);
  • Height:    36 cm (14 inches).

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