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ANSI Dielectric Testing System (Electrical insulation)

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NOCSAE Conical Leg
This system is use to measure the dielectric properties of a hard hat’s shell.  The leaking electric current is measured when a high-voltage tension is applied (on both sides of the helmet’s  shell ), under wet conditions.  Designed according to the ANSI/ISEA Z89.1 standard's, electrical insulation testing procedure. 




  • System generating up to 35,000 VAC /60Hz;
  • Analog voltmeter and amperemetre display;
  • Manual VAC adjustment;
  • High gage electric wiring;
  • Polycarbonate cage for better view;
  • Polycarbonate vessel to contain fresh tap water;
  • Side fan for extraction of the ozone gases generated during the test (This gas should be vented outside of the testing room and building);
  • Located on top panel integrated safety switches.
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