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Twin Wire Triaxial

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Twin wire triaxial Free fall guided impact machine for impact attenuation evaluation. Complies with ECE22.05, EN1077, EN 1078 and other standards.
Impact Twin Wire Triaxial
image impact helmet testing machine twinwire triaxial

  • Full motorized system;
  • Integrated encoder provides drop height measurement electronically;
  • (#1) Height safety switch;
  • (#2) Self-retractable system. To prevent a second impact;
  • (#3) Soft release system;
  • (#4) Basket ring: Used to support helmets during the free fall impact;
  • (#5) Velocimeter (Time Gate);
  • (#6) Interchangeable anvils;
  • (#7) Protection Cage: Prevent damage to the machine after the impact;
  • (#8) Remote Control: Sets the height and speed, initiates the test, activates pre-programmed settings and includes the emergency stop;
  • (#9) Quickly interchangeable parts.
protective cage
Shown with protective cage

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