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Twin Wire Penetrator

twin wire penetrator Twin wire guided penetration machine for impact attenuation evaluation. Full Motorized system. According to BSI, Snell, CPSC, ASTM, AS/NZS, JIS and other standards.
twin wire flying arm
twin wire penetrator top
twin wire penetrator bottom
twin wire penetrator bottom
  1. The Rotary Angular System allows you to position the head form between 0° and 90°'s vertically and rotate it 360°'s horizontally.

  2. Other kind of penetration headforms can be installed on the base.

  3. The Flying Arm (Penetrator) is attached to the drop carriage.

  4. The drop carriage (twin wire) releases the penetrator to initiate the test. It is also used to raise the penetrator back into position afterwards.

  5. The Velocimeter (Time Gate) is a very precise electronic device that calculates the time it takes for an object to pass in front of an infrared beam a few millimeters before impact. The time in milliseconds and the length of the object are then used to determine the velocity.

  6. With the remote control you can set the height and the speed, initiate the test, perform an emergency stop, and activate pre-programmed settings.

twin wire flying arm
twin wire flying arm
The drop carriage for the twin wire penetrator is use to drop the flying arm. There are two ways this can be done:
  1. The first is with the pneumatic system. The Remote Control has a button that causes the drop carriage to release the flying arm.

  2. The second is a manual lever. If pulled, it will also release the flying arm.
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