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Scotoma Testing Machine

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scotoma testing machine head
To determine the peripheral field of vision and scotoma of the face protector.

According to (CSA Z262.1; Z262.2; Z 262.5; Z262.8; Z263.1; Z611). The system is programmed to tilt horizontally and vertically and take reading every 5 degrees.

title scotoma testing machine
scotoma testing machine

  • Touch screen technology;
  • Full automatic system;
  • Headforms with instrumented eyes;
  • Eyes with photosensor covered with lense of 8mm radius of curvature;
  • Colonized light source of 17 lux;
  • Horizontal Axe rotation: center of 2 pupils;
  • Vertical Axe rotation: center of 2 pupils;
  • Instrumented headforms (4 sizes not included).

Touch screen technology Field of vision test Test in a dark room
Touch Screen Technilogy Field of vision test (Test must be performed in a dark room)
Instrumented headforms
Instrumented headforms not included
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