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Penetrator for Monorail

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Method B The penetrator device is designed to fit Cadex equipments. The center of gravity is aligned with the penetrator tipís axis. The mass requirements are met when combined with the falling carriage.

  • Quick and easy to be mounted on the monorail carriage
  • Center of gravity aligned with the penetrator tip axis
  • Comes with a spare penetration tip
  • Comes with a certificate of conformity.
Penetrator device for monorail
Penetration hand
Center of gravity aligned with the penetrator tip when installed on Cadex carriage.

Penetration Spike
Test technicians simply have to interchange the headforms
with the penetrator device in order to prepare the penetration set up.

Penetrator Head
Penetrator on monorail impact machine
Penetrator device shown installed on our monorail machine.
Cadex ISO