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Cadex testing equipment technology

Cadex is the world leader in helmet testing equipment technology for laboratory testing machine purposes. Our helmet testing system provide you test solutions for impact absorption, retention, roll roff, projection and impact friction, optical test system for eyewear protection, head form, body protection and a variety of cannon systems for ballistic according to Snell, DOT, ECE22, ASTM, EN1077, EN1078, ANSI, BSI 6658, CSA, Nocsae, etc..

Founded in 1994, Cadex has quickly positioned itself as a leader in the research and development of such helmet impact systems and their underlying technologies. Based in Quebec Canada, our team of designers, engineers and technicians respond quickly and efficiently to custom market demands and various engineering projects from anywhere in the world.

For a worldwide recognition of your products and extend your helmet market internationally, Cadex testing equipment technology is the solution you need.

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