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Half Headform Magnesium K1A (Mountaineers' Helmet Testing)

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Alpinist headform The Half Headforms Magnesium K1A are used for force distribution testing application such as EN 12492 for mountaineers' helmet testing. Geometry complies with EN960 Standards.

alpisnist headform
alpinist headform

  • Material : Magnesium K1A
  • 100% CNC machined
  • Testing lines are CNC grooved
  • Load distribution application
  • Technical data sheet included with each headform
  • Complies with EN960 and EN12482 standards
  • Headform for the EN960:2006 standard is also available
  • Multi-positionning adjustment capability
  • All sizes available.

multi-positioning alpinist headform
  • To be mounted on a load cell with special clamp
  • Multi-positioning adjustment capability

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