cadex defence

Videos Section

Impact Machines

  • Uniaxial Triaxial Impact Machine
  • Impact With Linear Motion
  • Dual Safety Shoes Testing Machine Picture
  • Twinwire Triaxial Application Video
  • Twinwire Uniaxial Application Video

Projection Surface Friction

  • Projection Surface Friction Method B


  • Compressed Gas Gun

Electronic Data Equipment

  • Dual Dielectric System
  • Dielectric Testing System

Retention / Regidity

  • Chin Strap Multipurpose
  • Dynamic Test Retention System
  • Static Tensile Load For Retention System

  • Dynamic retention system simple machine en1080 picture
  • Helmet Rigidity Testing Bench picture

Roll Off

  • Roll off BSI
  • Roll off European Detaching Machine

Conditioning Machines

  • UV Conditioning Chamber Unit
  • Rain Conditioning Machine

Optical Machines

  • Refractive Powers Bench
  • Sand Abrader Machine
  • Field Of Vision Gauge Kit

  • Optic Fogging System
  • Mechanical Resistance of Visor
  • Light Diffusion Bench picture
  • Goniometer



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