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Mechanical Resistance of Visors Jig.

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NOCSAE Conical Leg
To test mechanical characteristics of motorcycle visors as per ECE 22 standards, section 7.8.2. Once installed on either a monorail or twin wire testing machine, a drop hammer of 3kg falls on the linear punch.  Test technician can then take advantage of a guided drop & motorization function of existing standard impact machines. 

image helmet testing machine mechanical resistance of visor



Shown Installed on Twin Wire & Monorail. 
  • Light interchangeable jig can be mounted on either monorail or Twin wire testing machine;
  • 300 grs linear punch device;
  • Adjusting device preventing the penetrator punch to get closer than 5 mm from the surface of the headforms;
  • Adjusting interface for all headform sizes;
  • Headforms: Not included.
  • Depth : 37cm  (14.5 inches);
  • Width : 20 cm (8 inches);
  • Height: 80 cm (31.5 inches);
  • Weight: 16 kg (34 lbs).

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