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Linear Impact Testing Machine

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linear impact testing machine head Rugged system. For linear impact testing on football helmets, boxer face guards and other applications.

title linear impact testing machine
linear impact testing machine

  • Touch screen controller that adjusts tank pressure, reads velocity and fires the system;
  • Strong steel structure;
  • Compressed air tank;
  • Accelerating range:12 inches;
  • "Free Flight" range: 6 inches;
  • Hydraulic break system after impact;
  • Impact velocity: 1.5 to 12 m/sec;
  • Interchangeable impacting end pieces.

swivel table touch screen
Swivel table to convert the system into a baseball / hockey puck shooting machine.

  • NOCSAE Football testing;
  • BOXER'S Face protector;
  • The system can be used as a baseball & hockey puck shooter using additional accessories.

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