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Cadex the leading headform manufacturer

Why chose a Cadex Head Form
Our entire production process takes place in-house.
We have our own engineers, programmers, designers as well as CNC machines and operators.
These in-house resources allow us to be extremely competitive and flexible, whether it is a rush order or a custom design, Cadex gets the job done.
  • Consistency
  • Reliability
  • Durability

CNC Machining
CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) machines are used throughout our production process.
Advantages :
  • Very high precision accuracy on the dimension of each surface inside and outside the headforms.
  • Machining the headform provides identical results from one order to the next.
  • All planes (i.e. references plane, basic plane, transversal plane and longitudinal plane) are machined into the headform to provide technical support to the user.

Why Magnesium K1A
Magnesium K1A has been selected by the standards organization because the material provides the best energy transfer throughout the headform. Aluminum or steel would either absorb or amplify the energy of an impact which would modify the results during acquisition tests. Magnesium K1A is composed of 100% pure Magnesium with an additive of 0.3% to 0.7% of Zirconium.

Repairing and resurfacing program
Headforms are mainly used in impact testing, so over time they become damaged (see figure below) during different test and especially during the research period. Attempts to make the smallest, thinnest, lightest, well ventilated helmet takes its toll on a headform.

It is very important to look for any visible signs of damage to a headform. The result of an impact test on a damaged head form may PASS when in reality it should have FAILED.

At Cadex, we have a program to refurbish the outer surface of headforms as well as reconstruct the plane line that may have been lost in the testing process. The headforms get a complete overall, including a paint job, making them look as good as new.

Note For Half Head Forms: (Fig. 2)
It is very important to maintain the bolt attachments inside the headform. These bolts keep the assembly in the correct position, avoiding any potential vibration that may provide noise in your signal impact acquisition. Only use 5/16NC18 - 1 3/4 bolts to avoid any damage to the thread. If the area around the screws gets damaged, we can specifically target these areas in our repairing & recycling program.
Fig .1
Headforms Fig.1
Fig .2
Headforms Fig.2
Fig .3
Headforms Fig.3

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