Optical fogging system

P/N: 1000_06_FOG01

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The Cadex optical fogging system is used to test the resistance to condensation of oculars visor and protective lenses according to EN 168 ECE R22/05.


  • Protected mirror to prevent water condensation to drop on mirror
  • “Easy to find” optical center provided by efficient lens configuration
  • Built in flat screen to save working space
  • Solid state laser with 10 mm parallel beam expander
  • High sensitive 110 sq. mm photodiode detector
  • High precision heating system
  • Fully automatic cycle operation
  • PC included with customized software for fully automatic fogging time calculation

* Verification kit available for this equipment

Dimensions (Approx.):

  • Length: 46.35 cm / 18.25 in
  • Width: 61.93 cm / 24.38 in
  • Height: 186.05 cm / 73.25 in (with table)
Lens holder bracket.
Lens holder bracket.
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