Twinwire impact machine

P/N: 1000_01_TWM01 (type: triaxial setup)

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This model of twinwire guided impact machine is used for impact attenuation evaluation which complies with ECE 22.06, EN 1077, EN 1078 and other standards. The Cadex twinwire can be adapted for uniaxial, triaxial and/or rotational type of testing.


Full motorized system and self supported

  1. Remote control: sets the height and speed, initiates the test,
    activates pre-programmed settings and includes the emergency stop
  2. Soft release system / Drop carriage
  3. Basket: used to support helmets during the free fall impact
  4. Velocimeter (timegate) for speed reading
  5. Quick and easy interchangeable anvils
  6. Height safety switch
  7. Auto-retractable system to prevent a second impact
  8. Protective cage: prevent damage to the machine after the impact
  9. Attachment to the drop carriage are quickly interchangeable

Dimensions (Approx.):

  • Length of the base: 119.38 cm / 47 in
  • Width of the base: 90.17 cm / 35.5 in
  • Height: 675.64 cm / 266 in
  • Base weight: 500 kg
Remote control
Remote control
Shown with protective cage
Shown with protective cage
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