Rain conditioning machine

P/N: 1000_07_CRM04

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For rain conditioning, according to the ECE R22.05 standard. Touch screen controller with alarm. Measures separately the conditioning time for each helmet station.


  • Touchscreen controlled technology
  • Capacity: 4 helmets
  • Independant and individual nose holes for each
  • Water flow rate of 1 liter/min (adjustable)
  • Semi-transparent wall construction to facilitate viewing
  • Re-circulating water circuit


  • Length: 142.24 cm / 56 in
  • Width: 85.09 cm / 33.5 in
  • Height: 135.89 cm / 53.5 in
Adjustable pulverising nose hole.
Adjustable pulverising nose hole.
Helmet support.
Helmet support.
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