Medium velocity ballistic cannon (table version)

P/N: 1000_05_LVC01

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The medium velocity ballistic cannon is designed to test face shields and eyewear protectors. The system complies with SNELL, ANSI Z87, EN 168, AS/NZS and other standards.


  • Touchscreen controller which fires the system, controls tank pressure and provide speed reading
  • Uses a regular compressed air source
  • Speed range: 35-105 m/sec (using 6 mm (0.25’’) diameter steel balls)
  • High precision speed gate
  • Adjustable table from x, y, z and rotating headform holder
  • Aluminum structure
  • Cross shape laser for better positioning
  • Polycarbonate walls
  • Compact table version

Dimensions (Approx.):

  • Length: 203.83 cm / 80.25 in
  • Width: 94.95 cm / 37.38 in
  • Height: 115.57 cm / 45.5 in

*Headform not included and sold separately

Touchscreen controller
Touchscreen controller
Easy removable timegate for periodical calibration
Easy removable timegate for periodical calibration
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