Urethane full size headform

P/N: 100_02_HFUR

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The full urethane headforms are used for measurement, roll off, field of vision, fit test, EN retention chinstrap testing as well as other tests. Headforms are shipped with a serial number and a technical data sheet. The headforms are designed and manufactured according to ISO/DIS 6220 and EN 960 requirements.


  • Material: hard urethane
  • 100% CNC machined
  • Testing lines are CNC grooved
  • Technical data sheet included
  • Complies with EN960 and EN960:2006 requirements
  • Could be used for measurement, roll-off, field of vision, fit test, EN retention chinstrap testing, as well as other tests
  • All sizes are available

Identification lines for:

  • Reference plane
  • Basic plane
  • Transversal plane
  • Longitudinal plane
Bottom plate
Bottom plate
All sizes available.
All sizes available.
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