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Using Windows 10/11, the Cadex software assists the technician by managing results obtained from the vast majority of our equipments. A machine’s motorization can be controlled via virtual keypad. The software can be used to control the equipment motorization via a virtual keypad.


  • Over years of continued improvement
  • Friendly user interface
  • Customizable applications
  • Produces easy to read reports
  • Includes virtual remote control
  • Lab view data platform
  • Easy data extraction to Microsoft Excel


  • Uniaxial impact test machines
  • Triaxial impact test machines
  • Rotation impact test machines
  • Chin strap machines
  • Chin bar machines
  • Penetration machines
  • Velocimeter products
  • Force distribution (load cell)
Example of reports produced.
Example of reports produced.
Software typical interface.
Software typical interface.
Integrated customizable tools.
Integrated customizable tools.
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