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Dynamic Test of Retention System ECE-22

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Retention machine ECE22 To test the efficiency of the helmet retention system. Designed and manufactured to meet ECE22.05 regulation. Can be adapted to other Standards. Operated by either Cadex Software or Touch screen controller technology.
It is recommended that all our testing equipment be used in ideal working conditions (18 - 29 degrees C and less than 65% humidity).

Strap retention machine
Strap Retention Machine
Strap retention machine
  • Up/down pneumatic lifting system (Needs 80 to 150PSI air source) ;
  • Electronic conditioner box reads displacement over time during the test;
  • Headform support can be raised or lowered up to 10 inchs (25.4cm)
  • Powered by 115 VAC/60Hz or 220VAC/50Hz source;
  • Can be connected to a computer system in order to measure the real time displacement.Cadex Aquisition Software has been developed to monitor this signal system.
  • Protective cage available upon request


  • Important notice : The supporting legs are adjustable and should be used to make sure that the guiding system is leveled. The guiding system is the most important part of the machine so it will be more important to make sure it is leveled, rather than the machine frame.

    Over all dimensions :
  • Width : 62 cm (24.4 inches).
  • Height (adjustable) Min : 298 cm (117.3 inches).
  • Depth : 70 cm (27.6 inches).
  • Weight 78.47 kg (173 lbs).

  • ***The weight of the machine without the headform: is 50 Kgs. The machine including the wood crate for overseas shipment is: 160 Kgs

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