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Dual Dielectric Testing System (Electrical insulation) ANSI & CSA. (Model : SB083)

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dual dielectric testing system head This system is use to measure the dielectric properties of a hard hat's shell.The leaking electric current is measured when a high-voltage tension is applied ( on both sides of the helmet's shell ). Designed according to the ANSI/ISEA Z89.1 standard's, electrical insulation testing procedure and CSA-Z941 Dielectric strenght test.

title dual dielectric testing system
image helmet testing machine dual dielectric

  • System generating up to 35,000 VAC/60Hz;
  • Analog voltmeter and amperemeter display;
  • Manual VAC adjustment;
  • Polycarbonate vessel to contain frash tap water;
  • High gage electric wiring;
  • Polycarbonate cage for better view;
  • Located on top panel integrated safety switches.
  • Polycarbone cage for better view side fan for extraction of the zone gases generated during the test (this gas should be vented outside of the testing room and building).
voltage amperage display using 3mm solid metal spheres
Voltage / amperage display Using 3mm solid metal spheres
using top water connector high voltage
Using top water Connector high voltage

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