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DOT Headform K1A

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dot head form The DOT (Department of Transportation) MAG.K1A headform is used for uniaxial (Z direction) impact testing of helmets.

The headform has been designed to exact DOT standards.

  • Material : Magnesium K1A alloy
  • Sizes: All A, B, C and D sizes are available.
  • 100% CNC machined
  • Testing lines are CNC grooved
  • Technical data sheet included
  • Complies to DOT (Department of Transportation) FMVSS-218 and ACH (Advanced Combat Helmet) Standarts

dot head form
In the DOT standard, there are 4 headform sizes (A, B, C & D). We hold these four sizes in stock at all times.

ANSI Headform
The ANSI Z90.1 modified headform (with ear cup region) is also available. ANSI headform

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