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Split Ring Clamp

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clamp The Clamp is used to lock the headform in a particular position and holds it in place during the impact test.

The clamp can vary in weight by being made of different materials, providing flexibility to reach the correct drop mass requested by certain standards. The weight can be between 180 and 1200 grams ( ± 5 grams) and is achieved by using a varying thickness and combination of magnesium, aluminum and bronze materials. The Ball Arm mass can also be modified if needed. clamp
clamp When ordering a clamp, please specify the clamp mass requested per headform size.

There are two models of the clamp. The opening (section "A" in diagram above) is slightly wider for the clamp used with the Twin Wire machine than the one used with the Monorail machine. So please specify if the clamp will be used on a Monorail or Twin Wire machine when placing an order.

The Split ring clamp designed by Cadex comes in two pieces. When your Ball Arm is installed on the Impact Machine you do not want to take it off every time you need to remove the clamp. Now you can just separate the clamp into two parts (see above) by removing three little screws under the clamp. It can then be removed from the bench test without taking off the Ball Arm, accelerometer cable or sensor. This saves a lot of time, energy and avoids needlessly exposing the sensor to damage.

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