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Chin Bar Machine

chin bar machine

chin bar machine
chin bar machine
chin bar machine
chin bar machine
  1. Height of the chin bar machine : 110"
  2. The Velocimeter (Time Gate) is a very precise electronic device that calculates the time it takes for an object to pass in front of an infrared beam a few millimeters before impact. The time in milliseconds and the length of the object are then used to determine the velocity.
  3. The drop release button releases the ball arm holder, setting the impact in motion.
  4. Drop carriage and the ball arm holder (see description below).
  5. The Helmet basket is used to support the helmet. The metallic bar is used to further secure the helmet into place and restrict any movement.
  6. Strap used to hold the helmet in place.
  7. Control box transfers data from the control center to the computer installed with the cadex software.
  8. Depth of the chin bar machine : 25"
  9. Width of the chin bar machine : 12"

chin bar machine
chin bar machine The drop carriage and ball arm holder are an important part of the chin bar machine. This machine is not motorized.
  1. The drop carriage has a "lever" that is activated by the drop release button demonstrated above.
  2. The ball arm holder falls with the anvil, guiding it to the chin of the helmet.
  3. Mechanism that attaches the ball arm holder to the drop carriage.
After the impact, you simply raise the ball arm holder back into position and re-attach it to the drop carriage with the lever.

title Chin Bar Sensor
Chin Bar Sensor

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