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Chin Bar Kit(American)

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NOCSAE Conical Leg
The American Chin Bar Kit is to be used with the Cadex monorail. The basket and a metallic bar maintain helmet stability during the impact.  A measuring device measures the deflection of the helmet’s chin bar.  The information is sent to the Cadex software via the acquisition box.  This kit can be used as an accessory or on a dedicated machine for chin bar tests.   Complies with Snell, ASTM and other standards. 

Chin Bar Kit

Chin Bar Kit Top View

TOP VIEW: The helmet basket is used to support the helmet. The metallic bar is used to further secure the helmet into place and restrict any movement during the impact. 
Chin Bar Kit Twin Wire

Chin Bar Kit also available in Twinwire configuration
  • Compatible with Cadex software application;
  • Can be used on existing Monorail Machine;
  • (#1) Soft release system (Used on Monorail dedicated to chin bar test);
  • (#2) Interchangeable impacting device;
  • (#3) Strap to hold the helmet in place during impact;
  • (#4,5) Acquisition box measuring the deflection.
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