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Compressed Gas Gun (High Velocity)

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ballistic canon machine The Cadex compressed gas gun is used to test eyewear protection (goggles, glasses and others) at high velocity.  System can be modified and re-enforced to perform higher velocity performances.   

ballistic canon machine details
projectile shooter machine

  1.  Touch screen controller
     (Fires the system, controls tank pressure, controls table’s motorization;.
  2. Removable time gate for;
  3. Interchangeable barrels;
  4. Exhaust panel;
  5. Motorized holding table;
  6. Gas booster;
  7. Emergency stop button;
  8. Crosshair laser.
  • Height: 73 inches
  • Depth: 86 inches
  • Width: 37 inches

  • Uses compressed helium or nitrogen;
Standard Speed Projectile Type
MIL-DTL-43511D 550-560 ft/sec 0.22 cal. fragment
MIL-PRF-31-13 640-660 ft/sec 0.15 cal. fragment
custom application >1200 ft/sec ...

Laser pointer for impact positioning.

ballistic canon quick release

interchangeable ballisitc canon
Quick release system Removable cannon

title gas booster

ballistic canon gas booster

Designed to boost bottled gases such as air, nitrogen, helium, hydrogen or methane up to higher pressures. This will save you money by allowing you to use all the bottled gas in a container even when the pressure becomes low. Being air operated it is inherently safe and can be used in fire hazardous areas. The output pressure and flow generated by this versatile pump can be infinitely varied by simply adjusting the air drive pressure and flow rate.

Title Touch Screen

ballistic canon screen

ballistic Canon Screen Warning
Integrated emergency features display warning & prevent operation if cage or cannon doors are not closed.

Title Adjustable Platform

ballistic canon platform

Specially designed table with linear displacement with manual controls for 360 deg. adjusting capabilities.

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